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(1)  Our classmate David Dorris has published a new book.  January 2019

There is Danger, Excitement, Adventure, in The Westside Kids Meet The Small Fry. 

This is the story of Rex Tarillo, a chemistry instructor at the University of Davenport. The West Side Kids Motorcycle Gang are in one of his classes, and due to chemicals getting mixed up, Rex becomes a dwarf.

There is Hannibal, the gang’s leader, who, through his communication, destroys the English language with misspelled and misused words. Then there is Scooter, who has a passion to work with chemicals and is Hannibal’s lifelong friend.

T. J. Columbo appears on the scene as a police officer and Hannibal’s uncle.

Margret Mason is Rex Tarillo’s girlfriend, who goes on a crime spree with Rex and helps him rob and shrink people with Rex’s chemicals, putting terror in Davenport, Iowa.

The West Side Kids team up with Hannibal’s uncle Columbo to try to stop and catch the small fry.  

Read and find out what the little fellows’ plans are to do something big in The West Side Kids Meet the Small Fry.

Available on Amazon.com in Hardback, Paperback or Kindle.

(2)  Our classmate Ron Froehlich has published a novel 
April 2013

The world of two young boys growing up in the 1950s is upended when their mother dies and their self-absorbed father loads them on a bus for a desperate trip across Nebraska in search of a new home and a new start. Only when a young, spirited woman comes into their lives do the boys begin to emerge as winners. Spanning nearly 50 years, this fast-moving story of a down-and-out American family takes the reader on an adventurous ride from post-war Nebraska to the bright lights of Hollywood to the birth of the Internet age.


(3)  Our classmate Norbert Simmons was killed in the Vietnam War.  
His name appears on the Vietnam Veterans Wall
in Washington, DC.

Personal information has been added by family members
to the
Virtual Wall on the following website:




(4)  Our classmate David Dorris has written his third book.  
August 2011

Click here
for the QC Times article

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