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1958 - 1959 Sophomore Basketball Team

1st row: Dick Phelan, Jim Goettsch, Dave Barker, Pat Brady, Gayle Hopkins, Charlie Rodriguez, George Smith, Clarence Brown, Mike Wilson, Denny Nickle
2nd row: Jim Ough, Bill Woodroffe, Ed Barnes, Ron Buck, Marv Jepsen, Dick Long, George Wall, Bill Naugle, Gary Herr
3rd row: Assistant Coach Ray Lumpp, Coach Marshall Stoner, Manager Bill Holgorsen


  Future Baseball Stars

  Future Football Stars

  JB Young Verse Choir - 9th Grade

  JB Young 9th Grade Class Picture - 1st half

  JB Young 9th Grade Class Picture - 2nd half

Remember when record stores had a booth where you could play
and "preview" the records before you bought them?


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Remembering the 50's

Do You Remember These?
(Burma Shave & The Statler Brothers)

Lost in the 50's YouTube Video

Aaahh, the memories of drive-ins -
the Memri, Semri, and Bel-Air!




Before there were cassette tapes, 8-tracks, CD's, iPods, Walkman and boom boxes, there were jukeboxes. You flipped through the pages looking for your favorite tune. Each selection was a dime, but if you wanted to splurge, you could get three songs for a quarter!

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